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Simon Harding Design

photo credit: Scott Groller

photo credit: Scott Groller

photo credit: Scott Groller

Purgatory in Ingolstadt

by Marieluise Fleisser


Director: Marina McClure

Video Design: Simon Harding

Set Design: Drew Foster

Lighting Design: Anna Martin

Costume Design: Kate Fry

Sound Design: Jenn Peterson


A story of youth trapped in a closed society, Purgatory In Ingolstadt by Marieluise Fleisser depicts a world dominated by church order and traditional gender roles. Bereft of stable mentoring, the students bully, spy, embrace, and reject each other in rapid succession. The play centers on two outsiders, Roelle and Olga. Each tries to escape the confines of their society—one with public delusions of grandeur, the other by allying herself with men who may help her.


Presented by the CalArts School of Theater at the e400 Theater.