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Simon Harding Design

Up and Away

Lincoln Center Education

Trusty Sidekick Theater Company


Director: Jonathan Shmidt Chapman
Playwright & Co-Lyricist: Drew Petersen
Multi-Sensory Experience Director: Peter Musante
Environmental Designer: Nick Benacerraf
Lighting and Projection Designer: Simon Harding
Puppet Director and Designer: Spencer Lott
Costume Designer: Natalie Loveland
Projection Animation Designer: Zack Ramadan


Up and Away is an immersive production designed specifically for young audiences on the autism spectrum, commissioned by Lincoln Center and created by Trusty Sidekick Theater Company.


The Fogg Family Balloon Society is taking their 1000th balloon ride, and you are invited! Join them on a multisensory journey through the sky in your very own hot air balloon. The flight itinerary includes visits to such extraordinary places as the Fog Bog, the Arctic Aviary, and Cloud Canyon. You’ll even have a chance to help a baby cloud find its place in the sky. Featuring puppetry, live music, and interactive –play, this flight is limited to eight young balloonists and their adult sidekicks. Guided one-on-one by members of the Fogg Family, young audiences with autism and their families will experience the wonder of the world above the clouds. Up and Away!