Circling the Center

3LD Art & Technology Center

Creator: Nene Humphrey / Director: Mallory Catlett / Lighting Design: Yuki Nakase / Video Design: Simon Harding / Sound Design: Andrya Ambro

The multidisciplinary work began as a private meditation on the loss of Humphrey’s husband and grew into communal art making with deep and surprising connections between the neuroscience of emotions and the lost 19th century craft of ritualistic, intricate Victorian mourning braiding. These objects were created to honor and remember loved ones, acknowledging the depth of loss, and transforming grief into something that was beautiful.

Humphrey’s artist residency at the Joseph LeDoux neuroscience lab at NYU provides a unique perspective on the neuroscientific process of mourning through examination of the internal biological workings of the amygdala, the powerhouse of human emotion. Filmic simulations, drawings made from microscopic brain studies and aural recordings are overlaid throughout the work.