Social Security

Bushwick Starr
terraNOVA Collective

Written By Christina Masciotti / Directed By Paul Lazar / Scenic Designer Sara C. Walsh / Lighting Designer Simon Harding / Sound Designer Ben Williams / Costume Designer Jacob A. Climer

June, a retired pretzel factory worker, finds herself deaf after forty years with machines, widowed, and stranded in the urban muck of Reading, PA. She forges ahead gamely, aided by her robust will to find the good in life, and attended, for better or worse, by a few neighbors. Her landlord, once a community pillar, insinuates himself into what remains of her affairs with Machiavellian panache, while a younger neighbor from down the block selflessly chaperones her trips to the grocery store. But June, generous in her affections and unworldly-wise, seesaws between these two unlikely alliances, and her yearning for ordinary human companionship only drives her further into danger.