Up and Away

Lincoln Center
Trusty Sidekick Theater Company

Up and Away is an immersive production designed specifically for young audiences on the autism spectrum, commissioned by Lincoln Center and created by Trusty Sidekick Theater Company.

Original Director: Jonathan Shmidt Chapman /  Playwright & Co-Lyricist: Drew Petersen / One on One Experience Director: Peter Musante / Environmental Designer: Nick Benacerraf

Director: Leigh Walter /  Lighting and Projection Designer: Simon Harding / Assistant Environmental Designer: Emmie Finckel / Sound Designer/Engineer: Thomas Ford / Composer, Co-Lyricist & Sound Designer: Chris Gabriel / Puppet Director and Designer: Spencer Lott / Costume Designer: Natalie Loveland / Projection Animation Designer and Documentarian: Zack Ramadan /  Prop Designer: Brendan Yi-Fu Tay